From Daily Bakery Staples to Special Occasion Delights!

Bar King Bakery & Takeout is home to superior tasting breads, bagels and buns that have become staples in every Portland family breakfast table. Our cakes, pastries and desserts are also the popular choice for special occasions, milestones and celebrations.

Bar King also offers the best espresso and drip coffee only from Portland’s best—Good Coffee. Grab a cup to go or take a moment to enjoy one with your favorite Bar King pastry at our outdoor seating area—a perfect set-up to ensure your safety especially at these times!

Freshly Baked with Love!

Bar King serves freshly baked pastries, cakes and desserts from renowned pastry chef, Katherine Benvenuti. Katherine is a recent Portland transplant with an impressive resume that includes some of the best restaurants and bakeries in California. While she has moved on to other ventures within the region, Bar King continues to feature her vast selection of delectable available for takeout and delivery.

Check out our lovely selection of breakfast pastries, desserts, cookies and treats that are available daily for dine-in, takeout and delivery. We also have a range of special occasion cakes that can be ordered – some with as little as one day notice.

Freshly Baked

We make freshly baked breads and pastries straight from our kitchen every day from Tuesdays to Sundays. Daily batches are available for 30% less one hour before closing time.

Highly Nutritious

Our ingredients are of the absolute highest quality. Bar King’s proprietary preparation method ensures that every loaf, pastry or cookie we bake contains optimum vitamin and nutrient levels.

Locally Sourced

We’ve made it our mission to support local. Our bakery staples and classics are made personal with locally milled grain flours, organic eggs, and hometown veggies, fruits and flavors.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in the former Trifecta space at SE 6th Ave. We’ve got ample parking out front so it’s so easy to drop by whether you’re running some errands or coming home from work.


We value your health and safety. That is why we have implemented (and continue to implement) health and safety measures as we move towards the new normal. Even during the previous state-mandated temporary closures, we never stopped working to keep our bakery clean, hygienic and pest-free.

We follow strict health protocols by sanitizing and disinfecting our kitchen, food preparation, and display sections daily. Every section is equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA air purifiers for an added layer of protection. To ensure the quality and safety of the products we provide to our customers, Bar King also implements regular pest control measures so our entire facility remains pest-free all year round.

Everyone in the restaurant or food business knows that pests like ants, roaches and rodents can become a nightmare if left unaddressed. Everything that attracts these pests is found in kitchen and food preparation areas, so pest control is an essential procedure that has to be done on a regular basis.

Customers these days have also become quite conscientious and discerning of what goes into the food products they consume. Lately, there has been a huge demand for whole, natural and organic food devoid of additives, preservatives and other substances that can be harmful to human health. At Bar King, you can rest assured we only use natural and organic ingredients in every pastry, dessert, and bakery product we serve.

The quest for healthier food choices, however, does not stop with just the ingredients we use. Bar King Bakery & Takeout also makes sure we only use safe and natural pest control methods to keep our facility clean and pest-free. We conduct monthly organic pest control treatments only from the leading organic pest control company in Beaverton and Portland. The pesticides used in our display, kitchen and storage areas are 100% organic and eco-friendly so customers don’t have to worry about unknowingly exposing themselves to environmental toxins typically associated with traditional chemical pesticide use.


Biscuits, Cookies, & Donuts
Bostock & Crostata
Crumb Cake & Coffee Cake
Brioche & Quiche
Gateau Basque
Brown Butter Rice Cake
Miso Walnut Sticky Buns
Matcha Almond Pound Cake
Demi Baguettes

…and a lot more!

Simply mouth-watering!
I'd walk a mile for their delicious sticky buns swaddled in miso caramel! Another favorite of the entire family is their dark chocolate buckwheat brownie tarts which are definitely "to-die-for"!
Katie Simmons
Perfect match!
Their artisan breads and pastries are the perfect match for a cup of my favorite Good Coffee blend. I work at the building across the street and Bar King has aways been my favorite go-to place for breakfast and coffee breaks.
Daryl Johnson
Even the kids love it.
What I love about Bar King is that there is a treat for everyone in the family. My personal favorite is their open-faced croque-monsieur while my husband makes sure we never run out of their coffee cake. Even the kids are going nuts over their donuts!
Melissa Wilson

We'd love to serve you!